The Field Museum in Chicago will host a joint meeting of American Ornithologists’ Union and Cooper Ornithological Society  on August 16, 2013.  AOU is one of the oldest organizations in the world devoted to the scientific study of birds.   The COS, a non-profit organization of professional and amateur ornithologists, is one of the largest ornithological societies in the world. 

The conference organizers note that few high school students have attended past conferences.  They would like to encourage "pre-college ornithologists to experience a scientific conference first hand, perhaps helping them choose the school or major for their future career." One day conference registration (Friday, August 16th) includes:

Admission to the morning plenary session (the large, general meeting)
Admission to all scientific sessions which span a variety of subjects
Admission to poster session
Lunch & dinner with several graduate students and faculty
Admission to (and participation in, if desired) the AOU Student Quiz Bowl.  

The conference cost is $130 per student.  The Board of Audubon Society of Missouri voted to pay that fee for one Missouri student nominated by an ASM member.  
In addition, $170 will be provided to help with the cost of travel to Chicago plus lodging and food.  

If you wish to nominate a student, send an email to me with the student's name, guardians' or parents' name, address, email address, year in school, and a short explanation of your reasons for believing she/he should have this opportunity.  Please determine in advance that your nominee is interested and if chosen would expect to attend.  The nominee  should fill out the application found here: and attach it to an email to me.  

The organization deadline is May 31, so I must have the nomination and application by May 15.  If there is more than one nominee the executive committee of ASM will select the recipient. 

If you wish to donate $130, or more, for another student/s conference cost, you may use this document: 

I've included below additional text from the letter which came to ASM from The Field Museum.

Please email or call with questions.

June Newman
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As you might know, The Field Museum is hosting the 2013 joint meeting of the American Ornithologists’ Union and Cooper Ornithological Society ( 2013). Largely due to a lack of resources for attending, undergraduate students rarely get an opportunity attend this type of ornithological conference, and high school students are virtually unheard of as attendees. We would like to see that change and create an opportunity for budding pre-college ornithologists to experience a scientific conference first-hand, perhaps helping them choose the school or major that might give them a leg up on an ornithological career. The chance to learn about a variety of research and query graduate students and faculty about their career choices could truly influence some high school students’ aspirations (and possibly provide invaluable contacts for the college admissions process). To this end, we would like to provide a chaperoned experience at this year’s AOU/COS meeting for select high school students.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Nick Block at [log in to unmask] or 312-665-7011.  

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