The young lady that discovered the Garganey name is Amara Weiss. I misspelled it in my post last night. My Bad. She is excited other people are getting to see and enjoy the bird, but dissapointed they can not join in and see it again. With the high water over the roads, they are not able to drive out of the area around the Visitor Center where they are staying. I have been talking to Rhonda, Amara's mother, and they have been pretty nervous about the situation. I'm hoping that improves before more rain that is forecast makes things even more difficult. She did tell there were excited to see their first Rose-breasted Grosbeak, a male, today.
  Dianne and I took Stella, the dog, and went for a drive today back down to the Sumner -Swan Lake area. We enjoyed visiting people there and at Pershing where we took a short walk on the Boardwalk trail before turning around where it became slippery from the mud on it. There was water over it farther along. It was pretty quiet, but I did hear Parula and couple of Winter Wrens. Saw a single Junco as we were driving out of that area and an American Bittern along the roadside at the south end of the Park. Heard others had an Orange-crowned Warbler and other stuff.
  We went on to Sumner, where others were searching for the rare Duck early afternoon. We did not see it while we there, but didn't spend a lot of time looking. Early morning sounds like the best time for observing it. There was much more water in many places compared to yesterday and far fewer variety and numbers of birds. We did enjoy watching a Mink cross the road in front of us at NW corner of Swan Lake. It swam over and climbed on to flood debris.We watched it come back across the road carrying what looked like a Vole it had quickly caught. I was able to relocate the Yellow-crowned Night Heron along the edge of the flood waters in the north part of Sumner, so Di got to see it.There were Cliff Swallows flying over that first bridge west of Sumner. Nice little Sunday outing.

Later, Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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