Prime shorebird conditions at Voelkerding Slough Wetland Preserve and surrounding environs this week.  On Monday there was a mixed flock of golden plovers and pectoral sandpipers in a field just west of the preserve.  On Wednesday Wilson's snipe and several soras were observed.  Today I had a flock of 116 lesser yellowlegs, two beautiful female Wilson's phalaropes, about a dozen American pipits, five semipalmated plovers, many wood ducks and blue-winged teal and vocalizing fish crows.  In the interior of the slough I saw two winter wrens, many swamp sparrows, eastern phoebes, gnatcatchers and ruby-crowned kinglets.  I also discovered that my beloved 40 year old pair of knee boots have developed a leak!
Good birding,
Don Hays
p.s. Voelkerding Slough Preserve is located one mile west of Dutzow, MO adjacent to the Katy Trail and Bluff Rd. in southeastern Warren county.
Donald Hays
Union, Franklin County, Missouri

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