We took advantage of the sunshine today (despite cold temps and very windy conditions) to do some birding in Boone County. Started the morning at Bradford - no ibis or bobolinks found We did find 2 BREWERS Blackbirds in the field north of the west pond, a male and female together, gave us great looks. 
The recently reported Osprey was seen at Phillips Lake, roosting in the trees near the school.
 We then headed towards Hartsburg, a single solitary sandpiper was in a flooded field north of the Liberty Cemetery west of Ashland. Birds seemed to be pretty well hunkered down and hiding today at Hart Creek and the Hartsburg Access. 
 Heading back home we did a check of the Loy Martin Road and the electrical substation where we usually see the scissor-tail and bobolinks, neither were found, but we did find a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE sitting on the wire at the end of the cul-de-sac.
 Complete lists from the conservation areas will be on CACHE later.

Laurie Shawver
Southern Boone Co

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