Apparently the torrential rain and flooding washed this egg out of its home. Our lake's level is very consistent, and it rose a foot or two this past Thursday - the highest I have ever seen it. My husband was cutting teh grass today and saw this egg on the bank. it is solid white - any specks are debris. it is about as big as an extra-large chicken's egg. Any ideas on what species it came from?

Birds I have seen on the lake lately are: mallard, Canada goose, Black-crowned night heron, Great Blue heron, great egret, little blue heron, pied-billed grebe, and the occasional wood duck and scaup.

A photo can be seen on my blog (best idea I had to share it with the list):

I'd love to hear any ideas! I have left it there so it may be a snack for some critter for now.

karen louis
Shiloh, IL

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