In Missouri today, a Yellow-throated Warbler on territory who was not there Sunday.  Also Purple Martins near downtown.  A friend reports a Green Heron and Great Egret in their subdivision pond in Cape County.
In Alexander County, Illinois, just across the bridge: a molting Indigo Bunting that was not singing; Bank Swallows over Horseshoe Lake; several Yellow-throated Warblers at Horseshoe.
  Today was apparently herp migration day, also.  I moved 6 red-eared sliders off the roadways but could only hope that the big snapping turtle in the center turn lane in East Cape makes it on its own.  Also tried to scare a cottonmouth off the road but only succeeded in making it so mad that it struck at the pickup truck that passed close to it.  That seemed to be a painful thing, though, and it did wind itself rapidly off the road afterwards, while keeping its head elevated in case of further interference.  I never know if I help these herps or not.  I put the turtles off in the direction they seem to be headed.  Other than that, I think that sometimes the critters are missed by drivers who might otherwise run over them, simply because the drivers know I’m there and watching.
Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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