Margie & I spent a few hours this afternoon at Busiek State Forest in Christian County. Our list included:
Blue-winged Warbler 1 - first of year, visual, not singing
Yellow-throated Warbler - 8, all visual, four singing
Nashville Warbler - 3 visual, none singing, first of year
Black & White Warbler - 3 heard, no visuals
Northern Paraula - 12 visual- all but one singing
Louisiana Waterthrush - 3 - visual on two, all singing
Hooded Warbler - 1 immature visual, not singing, first of year, low in the green brush between campsites 5 & 6. ( At least that's what we're calling it.  Don't know what else it could be.  I have pictures if anyone is interested.)
Lots of Blue-gray Gnatchatchers
Indigo Bunting - first of year, visual, not singing (wish they were all that way)
Heard two Belted Kingfishers
Heard one Pileated Woodpecker
Saw about a dozen field sparrows
heard one white throated sparrow
saw several titmice, a few blue jays, heard several cardinals.
saw at least eight Ruby-crowned Kinglets.
Oh, I forgot, Margie just found one tick.
Jerry Williams
Republic, Greene County, Mo.
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