The WGNSS Saturday group started at Lost Valley at Weldon Springs CA.  We heard Lousiana Waterthrush and Yellow-throated Warbler from the parking lot.  We found them both near the highway bridge.  Proceding down the trail we heard several more of each.  We also had two Winter Wrens at various locations.   Both species of Kinglet were observed.  We also heard what appeared to be a Red-eyed Vireo singing up one of the hills.  Other birds including Pileated Woodpecker, Belted Kingfisher, Phoebe, and various sparrows.  We then went to Busch.  We could not bird around the HQ because of an event so we looked around Lake 33 without seeing anything much.  The wind was becoming a real problem, so the group broke up.  Those who went on to TGP reported several Winter Wrens at various locations, Hermit Thrushes, Fox Sparrows, and another Louisana Waterthrush in one of the ditches.
David Becher
Saint Louis

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