Georg Büchner 1813–2013

Conference on the 200th Anniversary of the Author's Birth.

California State University Long Beach

Thursday 17 October – Saturday 19 October 2013

In spite of a short life (17 October 1813 – 19 February 1837) and a
brief scientific, political, and literary career, Georg Büchner is
widely known today as one of the most enduring revolutionary thinkers
of the early 19th century. As is evident in Georg Herwegh's 1841 poem,
"Zum Andenken an Georg Büchner, den Verfasser von Dantons Tod" (In
Memory of Georg Büchner, the Author of Danton's Death), his early
death left a void: "Der Jugend fehlt ein Führer in der Schlacht" (The
youth are missing a leader in battle). Karl Gutzkow wrote in his 1837
obituary that Büchner was "[e]in Kind der neuen Zeit" (a child of
modernity). His revolutionary works went on to influence important
writers (Karl Emil Franzos, Frank Wedekind, Bertolt Brecht, Arnold
Zweig, and Thomas Mann), composers (Alban Berg, Paul Dessau, and
Wolfgang Rihm), and filmmakers (Werner Herzog, Georg C. Klaren). What
is it about Büchner's biography and few works written in such a short
period, which are nonetheless so different from each other, that
continue to resonate today?

The 2013 Long Beach Büchner Conference solicits papers (in English) on
the reception(s) of Büchner and his works from the 19th century to the
present and seeks to articulate their significance on the 200th
anniversary of Büchner's birth. Submissions should focus on Büchner
reception in public, private, political, or artistic spheres,
estimations, ways of seeing, appreciation, and judgment and

Possible topics include but are not limited to the reception and
artistic legacy of George Büchner:

Biography and life stations (Hesse-Darmstadt, Strasbourg, Zurich)

Büchner’s influences (Hugo, Babeuf, Saint-Simon, etc.)

Karl Emil Franzos' Büchner edition (1879) and the rediscovery of Büchner

Literary legacies

“Lenz” and the "Künstlernovelle"

Gender considerations



Structures of authority



Madness / insanity

The portrayal of the human condition

Fragments / incomplete works


Filmic and musical adaptations

Papers by Graduate and Undergraduate Students are particularly welcome.

Please send 1 page abstracts and brief biographical statements to
Wyatt Fry and Krista Helmbrecht at
[log in to unmask] by Friday 24 May 2013.

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