Had a small flock of American Pipits working the plowed field on the northwest corner of where Roosevelt Rd.  meets the gravel road exiting the Turf/Horse Farm.   There are plowed fields on either side of the gravel road,  Killdeer on the east side and pipits on the west side.


I normally turn off of New Haven Road, travel through the Turf Farm and exit onto Roosevelt Rd. to visit the R-1 lake --- however for the first time ever in my experience of birding the University South Farm complex, there was a LOCKED gate, preventing me from entering onto Roosevelt Road.   Don’t know what that is about, whether it is permanent or not, or just evidence of how long it has been since I have gone that direction – but thought other South Farm birders might want to know.  Sure messes up my normal routing.


Watched for crossbills at Lee School from about 8:15 until 9a, no luck, but the feeder was empty.


Jean Leonatti

Columbia, MO

Boone County

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