A Barred Owl flushed from a thicket of mostly honeysuckle
    on March 8.  I mention this because a Barred Owl also
    flushed from that bramble of thick weeds and honeysuckle
    back in either late January or early February when I was birding
    there.  Both times it was fairly late in the morning. 
    So, on March 8 when it happened I checked that thicket.
    There just wasn't any limb that I could see for the owl to be
    roosting on!  It must just dive in there.   One reason might be in
    order to hide from crows and jays. 
    Sure enough, when it flew to a tree and looked back at me,
    here comes a couple of Blue Jays to pester it. I wonder if,
    after I went on, it dived back into that thicket again..............
    Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper Co., MO.  certhia at att.net

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