I birded Busch CA yesterday afternoon and evening to find a location for American Woodcock.  I was surprised at how much snow remained on the roads throughout the CA.  There were over 60 American Crows together at the Weldon Springs/Katy Trail boat ramp.  Lake 33 had a large number of ducks at the western end including over 300+ Pintail, 50+ Ring-necked, 30+ Canvasback, Scaup, Gadwall, and Mallards.  At the eastern end there was a group of over 30 Hooded Mergansers.  Beautiful Eastern Bluebirds were coming down to the water near the ducks.  Ducks were in the air throughout the afternoon and I could see ribbons of Snow Geese towards the Chesterfield Valley area. 
I found all of our missing White-throated Sparrows.  They were everywhere in Busch, easily the most numerous sparrow there. 
At 6:15 pm there were 3-4 American Woodcock peeting and demonstrating at Blue Grosbeak Trail and finally a beautiful sunset!
Pat Lueders, Webster Groves, MO

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