The comment: "This project will use only seven acres of (2,114) acres in the park,..."(Tom Ott,2013) is not at all comforting when one considers these seven acres are a significant portion of the small patches of forest that are part of the CCML park. Regarding the money anticipated for St. Louis County parks, I have only heard about more physical structures such as playgrounds, restrooms, and shelters -- not there is anything wrong with those; but importantly, I'm not aware of any mention of improving park habitats for nature or natural environmental services.
Zip-lines through forest canopies should be run in combination with native habitat management and conservation education. Only In this way is there redeeming value for this amusement activity, and only in this way will this thrill-seeking product be worthy of support. Without respect and maintenance for more natural surroundings, it is pretentious to think this enterprise will get attendees interested in nature.
Mark Paradise
St. Louis County

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