Like many others, I've had a fox sparrow hanging around since the snow storm. It's a new yard bird for me at this house. 

A couple of male house finches have also caught my eye. The first was very dark all over, including the wings. It was dark enough that I nearly went through the basement window when for one excited moment I thought, my god is that a crossbill? (An aside: I'll never again buy windows with full screens. They really obscure the view.) the second guy was easily the reddest house finch I've ever seen. His red parts could best be described as blood red. Not raspberry like a purple finch, just bright blood red more like a cardinal. He also seemed to have an unusual amount of contrast (white on brown) in his wings. They were evocative of goldfinch wings. 

I'm enjoying the influx at my feeder, but I'm praying we don't get more snow this week. I don't do winter. 

Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County

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