Thanks for sharing the observation, Matt.  Over the years I have seen
Black-Crowned Night Herons in Forest Park often near the zoo but in other
spots as well. I have seen them both flying over at night and hunting at
night in the park, sometimes in freezing temperatures.  These winter
sightings are be consistently inconsistent to a point that I strongly
suspect that they are over-wintering in the park.  I hope this helps.

I hope to post in the not-too-distant future about the off-charts sightings
of Great Blue Herons in Forest Park this fall and winter.

Mark H.X. Glenshaw
City of St. Louis
Forest Park Owls
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On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 8:38 AM, Matt Gearheart <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Hello-
> I was recently visiting family in St. Louis and we took a tour of the Zoo.
> (2-17-13)
> While looking at all the waterfowl in the open pond area- trying to
> determine
> which were possibly wild or part of the collection, an adult Black-Crowned
> Night Heron flew in and began to feed by the shore.  Josh U. mentioned that
> someone had seen one a few weeks ago in Forest Park, so I think it is
> likely an overwintering wild bird.  Please let me know if you have other
> thoughts or information.
> Shortly after viewing the BCNH - an ambitious Cooper's Hawk attempted to
> capture a drake Mallard out of the air.  This of course was too large, but
> the Mallard was not looking especially well after the encounter, so maybe
> the Cooper's will bide his time and claim the prize later.
> Good Birding,
> Matt Gearheart
> Shawnee, KS
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