During lunch Rick Thom and I went by Binder Lake and observed a male and female Greater Scaup from the shallow end of Binder Lake from the causeway road. We scoped it for about 20 minutes as it was diving regularly after about 15 seconds on the surface. The male has very white sides and stands out among the more numerous still duller-sided Lesser Scaup. The greenish head sheen and rounded head shape are easily seen. One three occasions I was able to see the broad black nail on the tip of the bill as well. Lesser Scaup, mallards, Am. Coot and common goldeneye also present.


I saw a Greater in December on Binder and suspect this is the same bird. I recall that Rick George mentioned seeing one around the same time.


Binder Lake is off of US 50 west of Jefferson City. Turn on old US 50 and go into Apache Flats. Turn on Binder Lake Road and at the end turn left onto Rainbow Dr. and the causeway is just 100 yards or so.   


Google maps “Apache Flats Cole County Missouri”


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