Is anyone still seeing the large concentration of eagles near River Valley Drive and Creve Coeur Lake?  

Marv Staloch
Webster Groves

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Subject: 200+ Bald Eagles roosting southwest of Creve Coeur Lake

At 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon I counted over 200 Bald Eagles (adults and juveniles) perched in the trees that run along the east ridge of the Missouri River on River Valley Drive which is southwest of Creve Coeur Lake.

From the Page Extension/364 take Maryland Heights Expy north to River Valley Drive, turn left/west and follow back over 364 where it turns south and runs parallel along the river's east ridge where the birds are roosting.

In the large field between the road and the ridge where the eagles are there were several mixed flocks of gulls and blackbirds which included one Herring Gull, 2 Rusty Blackbirds, several Horned Larks (approx. 10) and at least one Lapland Longspur. Also seen in area were 3 American Kestrels and 4 Red-Tailed Hawks.

I had taken a non-birding friend interested in seeing eagles and swans to RMBS and up the river road to Pere Marquette earlier in the day where he was thrilled to have seen 36 Bald Eagles and 6 Trumpeter Swans (southeast of Teal Pond). On the way home I decided to check out River Valley Road, you can imagine the delight he had to see so many roosting in one spot. What a grand finale to our day!

Carole Glauser
Kirkwood, MO

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