I headed to Poosey CA, NW Livingston Co. this morning to do some X-C Skiing. First time I have been able to do that there this - so called - Winter. Skiing was not the best, but found some interesting Rapors. Rough-legged Hawks have been scarce this year, but not today! I found 5 within a couple of miles and and a few minutes time at Poosey. Other raptors included 3 Bald Eagles, several Red-tailed Hawks, including a dark one, couple Northern Harriers, and some American Kestrels. I checked a couple of Pine Groves in the area for Long-eared Owls, and came up with one single bird. Not a good year for these or Short-eared Owls in this area. I also saw a mockingbird and 3 Loggerhead Shrikes near the Poosey area, plus another Shrike in the Grand River bottoms on the way back. I think it was also a LHSH, but it flew off before I could get a better look. Watched a distant probable Golden Eagle in the bottoms too. It was a large dark Eagle and had a definite dihedral to the flight pattern. Nice day to be out roaming around!

Later, Steve Kinder
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