Was Heisenberg uncertain on principle, or just frightened? ;->

When will we have a 4 state computer which would be orders of magnitude faster than these current model T Fords? Surely life is more than an on/off switch.

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[log in to unmask]" type="cite">At this time of year one might also look at Ash Wednesday. This quote certainly rehearse ancient rhymes for me. Montgomery (no relation that I know of) has been reading Gilson and Maritain to good result. Another way of putting these points is "God is he whose essence is his existence."

Well done, CR. These are crucial points.

    Agreed; other claims in the book seem to me doubtful at best, though I can see how they might still get some traction.

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P. M.

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an explication by Marion Montgomery

The Word in the desert
Is most attacked by voices of temptation,
The drying shadow in the funeral dance,
The loud lament of the disconsolate chimera.
                     (Burnt Norton) 

Etienne Gilson (in The Spirit of Thomism, 1966) remarks: "That one does not see any light, may be a fact; to infer from it that there is no light, is a non sequitur." The comment is in a chapter, "A Metaphysics of the Name of God," which seems to me highly pertinent to the history of Eliot's pursuit of the Word,