You must mean this one:

When I visited I noticed that it put three copies of itself on the stack but
displayed fine.  It must be something in the javascript checking for
platform and browser that is causing a difference in behavior.

Anyway, Waterstones said "Publication abandoned" but did give this synopsis:

The missing link in academic and popular understanding of T.S. Eliot, Mary
Trevelyan's account of her twenty year relationship with the seminal poet of
Modernism has finally been published. Two failed marriage proposals
punctuate the countless meetings and correspondence, intellectual and
spiritual exchange and quotidian intimacy between Eliot and his closest
female friend. The Pope of Russell Square is her memoir, based on the diary
that she kept at the time. In his introduction, Dr Ian Smith describes the
relationship that was never scandalous, but 'intense, complex and sexually
charged'. The story of events itself as Trevelyan relates it has been
greatly fleshed out by the research of Dr Smith, whose substantial footnotes
accompany the text. With the single exception of Eliot's own letters (still
largely unpublished), it is arguably the most substantial single documentary
resource available for the study of Eliot's life and thought.

Note the use of ARGUABLY.

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>That URL bounces in the creepiest way Rick.
>A problem?
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>>>Have heard that there does definitely exist written evidence very strongly
>>indicative  of Mary Trevelyan proposing marriage to Eliot  or at least
>>expecting such a proposal from him. Pre- Valerie, of course, but, with
>>hindsight, a very strong case of 'amor vincit omnia'?
>>"T. S. Eliot: An Imperfect Life" by Lyndall Gordon has much on Trevelyan and
>>uses Trevelyan's unpublished memoir "The Pope of Russell Square."
>>"The Pope of Russell Square" was to be published by Enitharmon Press last
>>year but it didn't happen.
>>    Rick Parker