Hi Peter
Scoliosis is a curve in the coronal plane ( appropriate for a king no ) whereas a hump as such  (called a kyphosis) is in the sagital plane but of course the problem is that the spine is part of the rough cylinder of the ribs and an asymmetric prominence becomes unavoidable once the scoliosis is advanced, the two often but not invariably co - exist in a kyphoscoliosis. I liked the pun on hunch by the way david - made me think  of the funeral procession wandering around the cemetery because they lost the plot.


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Scoliosis isn't the same as hunch back, is it? Lot's of folk have some curvature of the spine without it being very noticeable. Sounds like 2-door plot to me.;-> P. M.

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>On 2/7/2013 12:20 PM, Rickard A. Parker wrote:
>>>   He just didn't look like a horrid man.
>     But that seems a little off the point, as everyone, at least within 
>a certain age range, has learned to despise the Fuhrer in whatever guise 
>(my weak eyes made him out to be Moe Howard at first).  With RIII, where 
>there is a common thread, it is that he could not have appeared anything 
>other on the outside what Shakespeare and others made him out to be on 
>the inside.
>   As for TSE and his portraits, I sympathize with his dislike of the 
>Heron. It seems a bit mechanical and manufactured. And it gives me a 
>headache. :-(
>Ken A