I don't think anyone did. Eugene sent his message directly to CR as well as to the list, but it appears Eugene is neither getting posts from nor able to send posts to the list. Mayhaps Tim Materer can intervene.

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[log in to unmask]" type="cite">I did not receive the original post of this thread!!??

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Hope you bounce back, Schlanger :)

Here's "the drug of dreams against the pain of living":


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is the website down?
I was bounced because of error messages and can't get on or find my way back.
sorry to impose upon you but I miss the discussion.
apologies in advance,
Eugene Schlanger

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just sharing the poetic beauty of a sentence that figures at
Word of the Day for Sunday, January 27, 2013
intemerate \in-TEM-er-it\, adjective:
Inviolate; undefiled; unsullied; pure.
The rain smelled cool and earthy, and with her eyes closed it sounded louder and nearer; it seemed to be in the room, falling small and touchless upon her; it was clear, intemerate as the sky.
-- Fred Chappell, The Inkling