Hope you bounce back, Schlanger :)

Here's "the drug of dreams against the pain of living":



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is the website down?
I was bounced because of error messages and can't get on or find my way back.
sorry to impose upon you but I miss the discussion.
apologies in advance,
Eugene Schlanger

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Subject: OT - poetic beauty

just sharing the poetic beauty of a sentence that figures at Dictionary.com
Word of the Day for Sunday, January 27, 2013
intemerate \in-TEM-er-it\, adjective:
Inviolate; undefiled; unsullied; pure.
The rain smelled cool and earthy, and with her eyes closed it sounded louder and nearer; it seemed to be in the room, falling small and touchless upon her; it was clear, intemerate as the sky.
-- Fred Chappell, The Inkling