Reminder: Call for Submissions for a Special Issue of Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies


“Representations of War Experiences in and on Germany from the Middle Ages to the Present”


Questions of how to represent violence and war have strongly influenced the German social, cultural, political, and historical imaginary. In recent decades, most debates focused primarily on German experiences in the Second World War. In this special issue, we aim to expand these discussions by exploring representations of war within a wider time frame. Our goal is to arrive at a systematic approach to the general depiction of war in the German context, which makes use of the tools and concepts that have now emerged in the interdisciplinary field of War Studies, involving numerous disciplines throughout the humanities and social sciences.


In the spirit of these goals, contributions shall focus on the tools and concerns of war representations rather than on the kind of war experiences defining the contents of the works. We are particularly interested in essays which ask questions such as:


*What do the experiences of war and violence mean conceptually? For instance, are they authentic or exemplary? Are they collective or individual? Who has the right to narrate them?

*Do common traits or patterns – transcending time and specific events – emerge and inform war representations? Are there representational norms and what happens when they are broken?

*Are there reevaluations of representations of specific historical events from members of different generations? How do these representations relate to each other? What role does temporal distance to the events play in the depictions?

*What are the advantages and what the limitations of fictional accounts? Are certain media or certain genres favored when dealing with war?

*What role do fictional (and non-fictional) representations play in Germany’s general relationship to war both in the past and the present?

*How do non-German writers, film-makers, and artists approach German conflicts?


Multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives are particularly encouraged. Contributions may analyze literature, film, history, (auto)biography, art, photography, performances, museums, memorials, video games, and other printed and digital media.


Manuscripts (max. 7000 words including Works Cited) may be submitted in German or English and should conform to Seminar guidelines (


Due date for submission: April 30, 2013 (authors are welcome to submit articles early to speed up the peer review process). The special issue will likely appear in February 2014 (50.1).


Inquiries and submissions to the Guest Editors:

*Stephan Jaeger, Associate Professor of German Studies, University of Manitoba; email: [log in to unmask]

*Susanne Vees-Gulani, Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Case Western Reserve University; email: [log in to unmask]


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