Visited Baldwin Lake in Illinois.  They are having a managed deer hunt, but the usual thousands of Snow Geese with a number of Ross' Geese were present.  There were also White-fronts and a few Canadas when I was there.  The south end of the lake by the rear gate had a variety of divers including Redheads.
At Peabody River King, there were not very many birds visible, but the the Loggerhead Shrike was in a field by a small pond where the main road makes a sharp left and then ends.  I have missed the bird on several recent visits.
The Saturday group had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Des Peres Park and then went to Faust.  A Sharp-shinned Hawk was hunting around the Music School, so we did not see much and did not stay long.  There was a male Purple Finch and a couple of Pine Siskens at the feeders with the hoards of Goldfinches and some House Finches.  There were two more Sapsuckers along the short loop of the Fallen Oak Trail including a male in high plumage.  There were Cedar Waxings and Bluebirds in the picnic are trees.  Lake 6 produced the Spotted Towhee as mentioned in an early message.
We then headed to Elsberry and the Plant Materials Center.  No Crossbills were in evidence, so we birded B. K. Leach.  It had gotten quite windy and the Say's Phoebe was not in visible.  We then returned to the Plant Materials Center.  After a bit we heard unfamiliar trilling call.  It sounded like the first part of the song of the White-winged Crossbill in a recording.  We continued to look and finally found a nice male in the top of one of the trees. 
David Becher
Saint Louis

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