I committed to survey Cooley Lake Trumpeter Swans to be included in the statewide count ending today.   I am recovering from one of the epizootics so trendy right now, and cannot get out.  Is anyone in the Clay Co area able to get to Cooley Lake today?  There have been 12-14 birds each time I've been by there for a couple of weeks.  They are usually "grazing" in the row crop field between the CA road and highway 210.  One has a yellow collar with black lettering which I've been unable to read.  If you are aware of any at other areas in the northwest part of the state, please do report them according to the instructions below.  

June Newman

On Jan 7, 2013, at 3:37 PM, Pat Lueders wrote:

The Audubon Center of Riverlands, in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rivers Project Office, St. Louis Audubon Society, and Audubon Society of Missouri, will be conducting the 2nd statewide count of Trumpeter Swans for the Trumpeter Swan Society.  In previous years, Missouri observers have recorded the highest number of Trumpeter Swans wintering in states south of the 40th parallel with over 500 wintering at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  We are asking that the total number of swans seen throughout Missouri from January 7-9 to be reported to Lane Richter at the email address below:
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This information will be sent to the society and included in their annual nationwide count.  The results and other swan information can be found at the Audubon Center's web site:
Thank you for participating in this important project!  If you have any questions, please contact Lane or myself.
Pat Lueders, Great Rivers Swan Watch
Please state the following information in your report
Total number of swans seen (if you can distinguish the species, complete below)
      1.  Number of Trumpeters, adults and signets totals separated if possible
      2.  Number of Tundra
      3.  Number of Mute
Location of the swans (county, lake, city, etc.)
Type of habitat they were using (eg cornfield, pond, lake, wetland, etc.)
Main activity at the time of viewing
Collar numbers including color of collar and color of numbers/letters

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