I found the Red Crossbills and a few Siskins at Faust without too much difficulty and there were the usual other birds.  There was no sign of the Northern Shrike at Brommelsk Park.  This is at least the third time I have failed to find it, so it is apparently moved.  At Busch there was a large flock of finches at the HQ feeders.  Mostly Goldfinches and House Finches, but there were at least a few Siskins and five Purple Finches including three males.  I heard second hand that there was Spotted Towhee seen at Lake 6, but could not refind it or much of anything else except a few ATS.  I found one Swamp Sparrow at the Shorebird area.  Overall Busch did not appear to be very birdy.  Sorry for the late post.
David Becher
Saint Louis

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