Greetings Mobirders (and list guests)


St. Louis Audubon Society is offering a field trip this Saturday, January 12th

         ALL ARE WELCOME, including birding enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.


TIME:  10:00 AM


MEET: Teal Pond Parking Lot  (After gas station, take a right on Wise Rd)


DIRECTIONS: Take Hwy 367 north from I-270. Turn right on the last road before the Alton Bridge (at the gas station). Turn   right on the next road to the Teal Pond lot.



WEATHER: We will have mostly cloudy skies, with forecasted highs in the low 50s and lows in the low 30s.

                      Dress for cold weather and expect rain, and you will be pleasantly surprised!


BRING:  Please bring spotting scopes, binoculars, birding books, (esp. any good gull books) radios (make communicating   between cars helpful) and hats and gloves (expect some wind)  bring your own snacks/lunch for when you get hungry


PLAN: The “plan” is to all meet at Teal Pond, scope out waterfowl, ducks, etc. there and then park cars at Audubon center lot and carpool down Riverlands Way, making stops at  -Heron Pond, Ellis Bay, Dam, Brush Pile, and then the Audubon Center on the way back. We will warm up and explore the Center from  11:30-noon and then for those interested check Red School Rd. etc. for longspurs and pipits.





Christian Hagenlocher

Principia Upper School

St. Louis, MO  63131


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