Gary Johnson, Don Stout and I traveled to St Joseph to look for the Red Crossbill and White-winged Crossbill at Mt Mora cemetery this morning. We arrived shortly after 9 and found Brent Galliart, Mark McNeely and two others who I didn't get their names looking for the birds, but they were nowhere to be seen. After checking the area for a while we went to check out the feeders at Brent's house. We arrived back at the cemetery at about 10:30 and Gary heard some bird activity in the Hemlock trees in the center of the cemetery. After a few minutes we were able to spot a male Red Crossbill. Mark shortly showed up with someone else and we were able to direct them to the Red Crossbill. Mark told us about the White-winged Crossbills he had observed in the Hemlock tree in the Southwest edge of the cemetery. We went to the area and found at least 7 White-winged Crossbills feeding on Hemlock cones on the tree and on the ground. We observed them at close range for at least 10-15 minutes. Several Red Crossbills and Pine Siskins also joined in the feeding on the ground. Thanks to Mark McNeely for directing us to the location of the White-winged Crossbills. The White-winged Crossbill was a life bird for me.

Good birding to all.


Paul Habiger
Kansas City, MO

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