My sightings of White-winged Dove in Missouri. All sightings were of a single 

June 6,1997, near a pigpen on Bluff Road just south of Saint Joseph.
April 1,1999, we had one in our yard for a couple of days coming to our bird 

Winter sightings:
December 30, 2008, Saint Joseph's Stockyards
Janurary 10, 2009, Saint Joseph's Stockyards

From: Mark Haas <[log in to unmask]>
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Sent: Thu, January 10, 2013 10:50:41 AM
Subject: White-winged Dove (not Crossbill) in Cape Girardeau

Yesterday afternoon, I watched a White-winged Dove perched in someone’s 
front-yard tree, for over 5 minutes, across the street from Cape Woods CA in the 
City of Cape Girardeau. This was at the south end of the CA and it seemed 
unbothered by nearby pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Bill Eddleman wondered if 
it might be visiting a neighborhood bird feeder. I don’t know.
I believe this is only the second winter sighting of this species in MO.
Mark Haas
Jackson, MO
Cape County
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