Birding Friends,

With cooling temps and a later-than-usual meeting time, today's group of 20+ participants enjoyed a fun-filled early afternoon at Riverlands. Birders joined us from across the state, and I enjoyed meeting and birding with all who came. 

Upon our arrival many Trumpeter Swans were departing Teal Pond, probably the highest number I recall seeing at Riverlands, ever. 

Highlights included looks at both male and female hooded Mergansers, distant scope views of a Peregrine Falcon on the bridge (a life bird for several folks) and also some brief glimpses at a Tundra Swan on Heron Pond. Also there was a good mixture of waterfowl on Ellis Bay.

No uncommon gulls or longspurs were found by remaining birders after stopping at the Audubon Center. 

With the "usual" January suspects present, the birds were enjoyed by all. 

Thank you all for your smiles and help which made today a success!



Christian Hagenlocher
Principia Upper School 
St. Louis, MO

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