Drove to Lincoln county today tocheck on the Phoebe. I first stopped by the pine trees at the Plant Materials property and found no Crossbills. Lot of Nutchatches but no Crossbills

I had better luck at the sewage Lagoons in Elsberry. The Phoebe was perched up on a metal post sticking up past the levy between the 1st pond and the next pond further east. You could view the bird near the gate or walk east down the road and you can view both ponds when you get even with the levy.

The bird was actively flycatching and also spent time on the ice apparently picking food ( frozen insects?) off the surface.

BK Leach has more open water and is holding more waterfowl. I was not there late enough for the Short-eared Owls.

Dave Haenni
Des Peres, Mo

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