I went birding around eastern Lincoln Co. this afternoon hoping for some of the recent rarities. Despite last night's hard freeze, the American Avocet was still going strong at Sandy Slough. I did not see any Least Sandpipers. I struck out on the Prairie Falcon after spending quite a bit of time in the area. One Lapland Longspur was playing "which of these things is not like the other" with a group of Horned Larks, but otherwise things were pretty quiet in the river bottoms. A good variety of puddle bucks were in the open spots of Sandy Slough north of the lock.

The Elsberry Plant Materials Center produced both Red Crossbills (about 10) and Red-breasted Nuthatches (moving around a lot, but at least 4 I think) in the pines near the entrance along 79. They were in the last few pines along the north end of the grove.

The Say's Phoebe at the Elsberry lagoons was also not re-found, but light was running a bit low by the time I was there to look. 2 Mute Swans of unknown origin were at the lagoons, however.

Phil Wire
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Troy, MO (Lincoln Co.)

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