Sunday was a beautiful day for birding down here. Clear skies and light intermittent wind and birds flying all over at Otter Slough and vicinity.


In and adjacent to the boardwalk woods were golden-crowned and ruby-crowned kinglets,  brown creeper, winter wrens, song, white-crowned and swamp sparrows, and one orange-crowned warbler.


Snow geese were flying like whirlwinds, accompanied by greater white-fronted and Canada geese, and only one Ross’s goose that I could make out.


Ducks included a pair of canvasbacks, 11 widgeons, 18 each of ring-necked and ruddy ducks, a couple of lesser scaup, a lone pintail on Cypress Lake but hundreds in neighboring fields. There were hooded mergansers on Lake Mead and scattered buffleheads were on Lake Wappapello.


Horned larks are also numerous in the fields in SE Missouri. Many harriers, kestrels and red-tailed hawks keep the horned larks, meadowlarks and sparrows moving.


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Bruce Beck

Poplar Bluff

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