Your opening observation, Ken. I don't think there can be any disagreements on that.


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Subject: Re: Dantean Aesthetics in 'The Waste Land'
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On 1/5/2013 8:47 PM, Nancy Gish wrote:
I could ask the same question of you. How do you know it was just Eliot's interest and not that Eliot also took up an interest others had expressed.

    I'd say it was almost certainly that Eliot took up an interest expressed by others (how else could it have come to him?) and in so doing brought Dante to a wider audience as he (Eliot) did with other subjects that he took up. One of the articles that CR linked to recently focused on the beneficial effect of Eliot's attention expressed in his reviews and articles. Here there's no necessary contradiction; what's taken as an assertion is actually posed as a question. Asked in the form of "could it be that..." the answer is apparently, yes, it could.

Ken A