Sam’s interesting isn’t he. Veteran of a celebrated single minded force. I suppose the CEF would have been pin up boys with Ypres still in the mind. I think anyone who brings an aphoristic pair like K and K around to see some girls has more than one arrow in his quiver.





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I tend to trend your way Pete, but surely there are them's as cain't or won't. And what's your take on the Canadian? ;->

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Hey CR,


this is not at all the way I see Sweeney A.  I only have small observations to make but  to the extent that Lehmann sees it in a particular kind of place - a course (sic) pub - and that the bamboo tree business is supposed to be a referential nod to any worldly idyll viz Gauguin's world. Well I can't see it.  I know that the boys arrive and Doris calls down to them in the street but the notion that the play can be imagined in a setting is at odds with the irreal sense of space and time.   And the Bamboo tree is more a link to the  music hall than the actual South Seas. ( I think of Judy Garland in Meet me in St Louis doing the song by the way)


Cheers Pete.

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Sweeney Agonistes: Eliot’s raw underbelly


Is Poetry Fiction?


Gary Lehmann