Given the amount of time spent on "scholarship" in spite of CR's delightfully assiduous attempts to focus on poetry, and given how he is insidiously repaid for his efforts, I would have to say that the list has a heavy bent toward prose debate with a little fig leaf of scholarship thrown into the reprobate tea for good measure. I would welcome scholarly endeavours such as Jerome prods us to, but I fear the effects of publish or perish have long since worn the gloss off those apples -- ah the bitter apple and the bite in the iPhone. I fear I have succumbed to my old temptation. Stercum tauri cerebra confundit.

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I have been asked to write a review about the volume of poetry by Sharon Olds just awarded the T.S. Eliot poetry prize and may reference this discussion site as evenly divided among those who love poetry and those who love scholarship.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Objections?

Special thanks to C.R. whose posting first alerted me and my editor to the award.

Eugene Schlanger

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Poetry is what matters, Peter!


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Careful, CR. We might actually start discussing poetry on this list again.
P. M.

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POEMS 1962-2012
By Louise Glück
Farrar, Straus & Giroux

You have only to wait, they will find you.
The geese flying low over the marsh,
glittering in black water.
They find you. 


You have only to let it happen:
that cry — release, release — like the moon
wrenched out of earth and rising
full in its circle of arrows

until they come before you
like dead things, saddled with flesh,
and you above them, wounded and dominant. 


A NYTimes Review
Louise Glück’s Metamorphoses
January 18, 2013