German Cities and European Identity

German Studies Association
Thirty-Seventh Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, October 3-6, 2013

This panel examines the long history of German cities within urban network
stretching from northern Italy to the Low Countries.  Reaching back to the work
of Max Weber and Ferdinand Braudel, we seek to form an interdisciplinary panel
that examines how contemporary discussions of German urbanism incorporate
the long history of autonomous democratic institutions within cities.  How have
cities since the early modern period established their own democratic institutions
while participating in a system of cross continental exchange?  How have
historians, architects, planners and writers described the relationship between
democratic discourse and trading relationships within Europe’s urban network?
What specifically has been the role of German trading cities, along the Baltic
coast, on the Rhine, or across the South, in creating a European tradition of
autonomous urban democracy?  How is this urban history incorporated into
contemporary city design?  

Send 300-word proposals to Daniel Purdy, [log in to unmask] by February 12.

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