German Studies Association
Thirty-Seventh Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, October 3-6, 2013
Open Call for Papers: Interdisciplinary approaches to war and violence
Deadline: February 8th, 2013

The GSA interdisciplinary network “War and Violence” is seeking papers that demonstrate interdisciplinary approaches to war and violence. We are interested in papers that address a range of topics under a broad interdisciplinary methodological umbrella, including comparative history, entangled history, and cultural transfer history [Vergleichs-, Verflechtungs-, Transfergeschichte], as well as approaches from literary and cultural studies areas such as narrative-theoretical approaches, trauma theory, psychoanalytic approaches, and theorizing representation or memorialization of war and violence.

We foresee for the first year of the network two or more panels at the GSA meeting in Denver, October 3-6, 2013, under the auspices of this new interdisciplinary network, with the idea that the network may play a larger role at the 2014 GSA meeting in Kansas City, home to the US WWI museum, where some events may be held. We look forward to submissions from scholars concerned with any German studies aspect of war and violence addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

We welcome full panel proposals as well as individual paper proposals. Full panel or individual paper proposals might address interdisciplinary approaches to:
•   theories of war and theories of violence
•   1913 and the coming of  WWI
•   comparative studies
•   artifacts, objects, markers of violence and war
•   limiting violence
•   memes of violence or war
•   Mobilisierung für den Krieg
•   Militärallianzen
•   Zivilbevölkerung im Krieg
•  war and disability
•   Besatzungsherrschaft
•   Kriegsgefangenschaft und Repatriierung
•   Rüstungstechnik
•   Kriegswirtschaft
•   Strategie
•   theories of violence
•   Kriegsverbrechen
•   Kriegsfolgen, Nachkrieg
•   transitional justice
•   Versöhnung
•   Traumata
•   Totenkult und Gefallenengedenken
•   Krieg im Bild (Illustrierte, Foto, Gemälde)
•   Krieg in der Literatur/War Stories
•   Bombenkrieg
•   Militär und Medien im Krieg
•   Kriegsberichterstattung
•   Alte und neue Kriege
•   Die Atombombe
•   Weltweiter Terrorismus
•   Humanitäre Interventionen als Kriegsgrund
•   Der religiöse Faktor der Kriegführung
•   Warlords
•   Multinationale Militäreinsätze (EU, NATO)
•   Kindersoldaten
•   narratives of war
•   myth and war
•   institutional violence
•   song, poetry of war
•   war museums
•   battlefield monuments, cemeteries, public history structures
•   war and violence in political rhetoric
•   social networks

250-word abstracts and a brief c.v. before February 8 to both:

PD Dr. Jörg Echternkamp
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
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Scott Denham
Dept. of German Studies; Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Davidson College
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