After days and days of watching large numbers of crow fly north over the Missouri Botanical Garden at dusk, I decided to follow them this afternoon. I found a very, very large roost of hundreds and hundreds of crows. The nearest intersection is Hunt and Newstead (one block west of Tower Grove Avenue). Just south of this junction there are railroad tracks, and on the south side of the tracks there are some trees, each with a large number of crows. There were also several hundred crows perched on the nearby buildings. The time was 4:15 p.m. If you have seen Hitchcock’s The Birds, you cannot stop the hairs on your neck standing up when they start calling. All in all, a beautiful birding sight.


This is an area with a mix of abandoned houses and new construction and old businesses. You may not wish to go there alone or take your finest pair of Swarovski bins. However, I felt completely safe there compared to my years of living in The Bronx.


Mick Richardson, St. Louis Co.



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