Vic Bogosian, manager of Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area conducts a weekly waterfowl census.  These survey trips through Eagle Bluffs begin at 1 p.m. and last about two hours, usually on Tuesdays.

Vic has again extended an invitation for birders to ACCOMPANY him on these weekly trips that go into parts of the area closed to birders this time of year. 

Those who have been privileged to accompany Vic on these trips give the experience high marks.  Vic is a pleasant, informative host, and there are thousands of birds to observe.

The scheduled trips are listed below (note 2 exceptions to the Tuesday schedule).

If you would like to join Vic, please reserve your space (he can take two, or three if you squeeze). 

Respond by email to Edge Wade [log in to unmask].  Include your name, your email address, the date you want to accompany Vic, and your first choice of alternate date.

Edge will check open seats, confirm your date with you and set it up with Vic.  This method is to eliminate overbooking and to relieve Vic of the necessity to respond to requests and arrange scheduling.

On the day of your trip with Vic, meet hime at the Eagle Bluffs headquarters on Rt. K (white metal building on south side of road, before the Columbia water treatment plant on the north side).  Please be there a little before 1 p.m.

If you must cancel, email Vic directly.
Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area
6700 W Route K
 Vic Bogosian <[log in to unmask]>
Office:  (573) 445-3882
Cell:       (573) 864-8053

Tuesday, Dec 18  NO SEATS AVAILABLE (Fisch & Wehner)
MONDAY, Dec 24
Tuesday, Jan 8  NO SEATS AVAILABLE (Folk & Roberts)
Tuesday, January 15
Tuesday, January 22
Tuesday, January 29

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO

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