The White-winged and Red Crossbills were in Carondelet on Thursday and 
Friday, but in the morning and early afternoon.  I didn't check later in 
the day.  If Bill isn't seeing them then, I would check earlier.  Also, 
they are flying over the Hemlocks on Leona and into a residential area 
to the north.  If you hear them overhead, a quick emphatic 'phish' might 
cause them to suddenly land in the Hemlock trees.  Try it.

I, like Christian, was eager to hear the White-winged vocalize up close 
(I'd heard them from far away), which I did Thursday.  They were quieter 
than the Red.  They made a similar call to the Red (jip jip jip), but a 
bit faster, more raspy and of a lower register (more a tenor than an 
alto.)  It was exciting to hear them.

I understand folks playing the tapes, but it makes it hard for me to 
find them as well, since I have found many of them, including 
White-winged, by call.  There have been a few times when folks have 
played the tapes, unbeknownst to me, and it has brought me running.

I tried the tapes a few times for folks desperate to see them, but I 
don't think the tapes work with the Crossbills since this produced 
nothing -  and I know they were in the area since they had come in 
earlier and then later.  I'd like to know if the tapes have worked for 

I sent in an audio of four of the Red Crossbills at Carondelet and they 
were analyzed as Type 3.  I have one more audio to send in of them from 
two days ago.  I want to see if they are Type 3, too.  One male sounded 
distinctly different, but I was unable to capture him on tape, just the 

Have fun!

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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