Today while at RMBC I spotted a nearly all-white duck at the back of Heron
Pond.  It had a darkened area over the head which stretched down the back of
the neck.  It also seemed to have dark speculums.  It quickly disappeared in
the watery brush on the back side of the pond and although I waited more
than 30 minutes it never came back into view again.  I went down to the dam
and on the way back stopped again to no avail.  Another birder and his wife
also saw it and, like me, they were puzzled.  I stopped at the Audubon
Center where Nopadol Paothong was preparing to have a signing.  He suggested
the bird might be a leucistic Mallard.  That could be right although I
thought it seemed a little bigger than a mallard.  Anyway, I hope that
someone else gets a look at it.



Robert Lewis

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Farmington   ---   St. Francois County

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