Wild Acres Park
Overland, Mo.
(at the cornere of Ashby Rd. and Midland Blvd.)
I visited Wild Acres Park to search for wandering Finches today w/o success.  Some Pine Trees and Sweetgum Trees but not enough habitat or wrong timing.
I did however meet a person who has been observing the Great Horned Owl Pair since their nesting discovery 2 years ago.  They copulated on 11/28 and days since according to her.  She shares this info with the gentleman who oversees the Owls at Forest Park.  I was able to see the male visit the nesting snag and then the female.  It was getting too dark by then to see anything else.  They were calling right above me-very exciting.
Other notables:
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Surprise Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  In a tree 20' from where I was sitting while waiting for the owls.
Bryan Prather
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St. Louis Co., Mo.

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