St. Louis City MO.  12-5-12.

Crossbills continue but, may require time.

Chrissy McC has helped many birders see the park crossbills.
Her field birding skills and light-hearted approach are a joy.  

Edge and June, Columbia MO finest, spent most of the day awaiting WWCR.

JB Joe and Mike joined the PM search.

The WWCRs were briefly viewed in AM.
Finally a male lone Red Crossbill flew in with two Siskin atop a Hemlock
 and excited the PM birders.

Then after another lap to check the Hemlocks by the playground...
...four White-winged flew in the Leona Dr. trees.
Likely the same juvenile male found Nov. 27.

This gentleman's face tells what bird is on his LCD monitor. 

Chrissy McC does the happy dance for the successful finds.

Bill Rudden
St. Louis MO

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