I found a boreal Merlin late Sat morning at 4500 River Des Peres Blvd. 
It appears to be a male, based on the bluish cast to the dark upper 
parts, but I'm not sure of the age.  The leg feathers were mostly 
whiteso, possibly, it was a young bird, not quite fully adult.

Red Crossbill continues at Carondelet Park.  I saw 4.  I did not see, 
nor did anyof the other birders I spoke to, White-winged. Some other 
birds seen during my time there:  2 Wood Duck m/f, 1 Bald Eagle, 1 Great 
Horned Owl (thanks, Chris Hag'er), 1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 1 Downy 
Woodpecker doing housekeeping, 1 Red-breasted Nuthatch, 1 Brown Creeper, 
10 Rusty Blackbird, 8 Pine Siskin.

Photos here:

Mike Thelen
Univ City, StL Cnty, MO
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