Ah ! - Dylan Thomas and his beloved habitation, of course known fictionally as Llareggub (read it out, but backwards).
Henry Reed's parody was his poetic masterpiece !

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Such a gas, Rickard. Thanks. I've always enjoyed it. Don't think anyone else could read it so well. Takes a poet to do a poet justice. The ensemble of photos is neat. Some of the later ones look pretty bleak.
P. M.

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>Dylan Thomas reads TS Eliot
>New Statesman parody
>“As we get older, we do not get any younger”
>By Philip Maughan
>Published 18 December 2012 12:02
>After the competition page was hijacked from The Week-End Review, “absorbed”
>by the New Statesman in 1933, parodies have a formed a regular feature of
>the magazine’s back pages. In 1946, Faber and Faber published an anthology
>of the best entries, edited by NS literary editor GW Stonier, with
>illustrations by Nicolas Bentley. ...
>Perhaps the most notable addition to the anthology is “Chard Whitlow”,
>written by the poet, translator and dramatist Henry Reed. The poem is
>sur-titled Mr Eliot’s Sunday Evening Postscript, and will be republished in
>full next year as part of the New Statesman’s centenary proceedings.
>However, to tide you over until then, here, reading with all the stolid
>grace of Mr Eliot himself, is Dylan Thomas, who will celebrate an
>anniversary of his own next year – having laid in a cemetary in Laugharne,
>Carmarthenshire, since 1953.
>[Then article has a link to a video at
>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PQLHKNJDhU ]
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