TWL is much better read aloud, but one must feel rather sorry for Sally Gardner if this is "the" book of a lifetime for her. Has she ever been to great Shakespeare or heard Dante read aloud? There is no one book of a lifetime for anyone who reads.

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Book Of A Lifetime: The Waste Land, By TS Eliot
Sally Gardner 
The Independent, 09 December 2011 

"[Listening] to a friend's treasured recording of the reading by Ted Hughes. I sat, mesmerised, certain that there must be some terrible mistake. Surely this couldn't possibly be that poem, the one wrapped around with so much intellectual barbed wire that it had managed to frighten off many a mere mortal? What I was listening to was a simply electrifying, helter-skelter ride, second to none. Cinema for the mind, sweets for the tongue, music for the ear. A diamond that no amount of academic 'jug jug' should ever be allowed to dull."