"afoot"  "a foot"
I believe the recent strings of e-mails, serious and in jest, were triggered by the last sentence--"Change is afoot"--in my Dec. 1st e-mail calling this group's attention to an article in the Economist about Coursera and other online companies and the challenges facing traditional universities.

I am not repeating myself, just observing how for the last eight days a word has triggered such word-play.  That is something to celebrate in this holiday season, no matter what your religious or critical propensity--that there are others across this vast continent who celebrate language and thought.

Happy Holidays & Thank You!

Eugene Schlanger

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When he's a foot?
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> I'll bet Jerome has the inside story on Shem, but as to the answer, I 
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     when is a man not a man?

      yours till the rending of the rocks,