See Elizabeth Daumer, "Vipers, Viragos, and Spiritual Rebels: Women in T. S. Eliot's Christian Society Plays" in Laity and Gish, Gender, Desire, and Sexuality in T. S. Eliot (Cambridge 2004). Elizabeth focuses on the "emotional and creative impact of Charlette Eliot on her son."
Her notes should also be helpful. That is now 7 years ago (it was really out at the end of 2004, so effectivly 2005), But it is very good and will give you a start. Also, I'm sure if you just put "Charlotte Eliot" in Google, a lot more recently will come up.

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Hi folks,

Does anyone know of an article or book that discusses Eliot's relationship with his mother?

If so, thanks in advance for any help with this.